2015 Camry

Toyota Camry 2015 will be a blend of technolgy and economical practicability. Latest specifications and styles will ensure a cost efficient family vehicle with a proven sales track record. 2015 Camry.

2015 Toyota Camry

January 4th, 2013

2015 Toyota Camry2015 Toyota Camry has the expectations of many with the focus being economy and safety.

Toyota Camry brief History

Toyota Camry  in the 1980’s was a semi upmarket vehicle. Toyota at that stage  had Cressida(UK Camry) but looked more towards a family vehicle with some upmarket qualities utilizing the great new twin cam engine of the day.

Mainly for the domestic market some made there way for a fleeting moment into the US and Australia. Sales of this vehicle was slow however the concept was unique at the time.

Toyota Camry photographed in Waldorf, Maryland...

Toyota Camry 1981 photographed in Waldorf, Maryland, USA. Category:Toyota Camry (V10) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)time, that being a value for money vehicle offering features with a economical engine suitable for city driving but having the versatility  for more.

The idea was terrific but Toyota refined the idea further in the late 1980’s 90’s to produce a vehicle slightly smaller in multi-trim levels from basic to upmarket.

Using the 2.0 litre twin cam a very reliable and economical engine produced million in plants world wide. I like to think that this set the blue print on today’s Camry.  Here was a vehicle that offered just enough to the buyer. It had just enough power, space, features, economy  and style to satisfy that 80% of buyers in the middle of the buyer spectrum whom just wanted a good car to do good things  at a good price and the Camry found its home in the market.

Camry bigger is better?

1993 and it seemed big was the new black and again Toyota seemed to hit the

1990–1992 Toyota Camry (Japan)

1990–1992 Toyota Camry (Japan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

mark although initially sales slowed as Camry went head on with some major selling vehicles of different brands of the time.  The 2.2 engine was good but the larger car buyer of the era had issues relating to a larger family car with such a small engine. During the 1990’s Toyota experimented with the V^ as it also did with the previous shape Camry. It had mixed results but at the decade wound down the V6 did not quite hit the mark for economy and reliability. Toyota knew at this time however that having the larger engine  in the range was something that needed more development. in 1999 as was 1990 the larger engine  in Camry could not be ignored and Toyota persisted with it further.


The Toyota Camry range was unique as here was a large selling brand through out the world that offered such a variance in trim and engine now.  Most manufacturers were still producing one car one engine size with a choice of trim, Toyota went one step better here now was a vehicle that you could buy as a  basic 4 cylinder and have the choice to be up-sold to a 6 cylinder luxury. and all in between.

To compare today what Toyota did the the car Ford has done with the pick up truck and it seems that this formula has proven successful as the biggest sales  in the world in their respective categorical areas are wit

English: 2000–2002 Toyota Camry (SXV20R) CSi s...

English: 2000–2002 Toyota Camry (SXV20R) CSi sedan, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

h these brands.

Since 2004 the Camry base has been used in many other vehicles as well and it seems the model or plan of Toyota with the Camry has spread to all other models produced by the manufacturing giant worldwide.

Since 2012 Camry car world wide is proving to be one of the biggest sellers and seems intent to stay that way for many years to come.

Alternative fuel , petrol diesel, LPG and more are options that will be explored now and in the future. 2015 is the time that for many was considered a pivot-able time for alternative fuel technology to be acceptable  reliability and price wise and the 2015 Toyota Camry will not be disappointing.



  • Tyler Sheehan says on: July 14, 2013 at 1:58 am


    The new 2015 Toyota Camry V6 with more horsepower than before.

  • Alberto belmonte says on: September 13, 2013 at 11:18 pm


    I have a Prius 2008 that is working without any problem since I bough it in 2008, now I am intererested in the regular Camry 2015 Hybrid. what is the price range?

  • CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM MEYER says on: October 17, 2013 at 3:09 am



  • CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM MEYER says on: October 17, 2013 at 3:12 am


    what will the 2015 be like and how will the technology change compared to the current model that is sold! I have a great aunt who has a white 2012 Toyota Camry. And she loves the car a whole lot! Her name is Lois Testa.

  • Karen says on: April 2, 2014 at 6:51 am


    Can you please tell me if Toyota will be using new colors in 2015. Current colors have always been quite boring. Will you make a 2015 Toyota Camry SE hybrid?


  • Karen says on: April 2, 2014 at 6:53 am


    Can you please tell me if Toyota wil finally update there colors. Need a pearl frost white and a metallic red other than Barcelona. Colors have been boring in the past and not keep up with other manufacturers. Will you make the Camry SE in a hybrid llike the 2014 SE Limited Edition hybrid?


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2015 Camry

Toyota Camry 2015 will be a blend of technolgy and economical practicability. Latest specifications and styles will ensure a cost efficient family vehicle with a proven sales track record. 2015 Camry.